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Get involved in CFT/ACPSOP! Your union is there to work for you, but a union is only as solid as its membership. There are many ways you can get involved with your union and strengthen the unity of CFT/ACPSOP.

CFT/ACPSOP is not just about "protecting it's members" rights. We are a family that draws it's strength from its active membership. Read the history section of this website to understand what CFT/ACPSOP has done for it's members from bargaining for fair compensation and benefits to better working conditions throughout the district. Your union has been successful in negotiating supplemental contracts,TES, class size limits, overload pay, professional learning communities, leadership teams, professional development and much more.

Get involved by volunteering to serve on a union committee or a joint leadership committee. Get involved by running for Building Representative in your worksite. Get involved by attending membership meetings and chapter meetings in your school or worksite. Get involved by submitting you home email address to CFT to receive regular updates electronically. Get involved by participating in CFT/ACPSOP sponsored functions such as the Annual Labor Day Picnic at Coney Island, the Annual Fall Celebration, the End of the Year Picnic and much more. Get involved by submiting articles for the newsletters and website or taking digital pictures of functions held at your school and sending them to us. There are no limits to getting involved with your union.

Visit the Membership Services section to see some of the additional benefits to belonging!




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