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AFT DEPD - Delivering Effective Professional Development (1809.5546) -

When: Tuesday, August 12
Mayerson Academy
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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We received the following information concerning retroactive pay checks from Superintendent Ronan today via email:

"Dear Union Presidents,
The retroactive pay from January to June will apply to retirees.  The Treasurer's office will be working with STRS and SERS in July to ensure that these dollars are included in the final calculation for retirees.  These 250+ individuals will get their pay in July to facilitate their retirement pension amount.  Current employees will receive their Retro pay with their final stretch payment in August.  The new salary amounts will appear on the first paycheck for 2014-15.

Thank you for your patience."

We have also been informed by the Treasurer's Office that the retro checks will NOT be direct deposited, but will be a physical check.



WHEN: Friday, August 15, 2014
WHERE: Kingsgate Marriot Conference Center, 151 Goodman Dr., 45219
TIME: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

This notification will be sent to your home and personal email.





CFT's Teacher Performance Training.....

(click on image for larger view)

Cincinnati Teachers and Office Staff Ratify New Contracts With Public Schools.....

CINCINNATI—The Cincinnati Federation of Teachers announced this evening that teachers and support staff voted to ratify new contracts with the Cincinnati Public Schools. The agreement with teachers includes a reduction in non-state mandated testing to increase instructional time for students, greater collaboration to meet the needs of students with disabilities, a salary increase to become more competitive with the other Hamilton County school districts so that we can recruit, retain and promote the very best teachers and a commitment to co-design a revamped teacher development and evaluation process..........

The contracts were ratified with record numbers: CFT passed with 95% of the votes and CFOP was passed with 97% of the votes. A formal signing of the new contracts will be scheduled during the next two weeks.

Click here to read entire press release.

Reminder regarding appeals of Teacher Performance Evaluation Rating

We have been made aware that teachers are now receiving their Final Summative Rating from this year’s evaluation.  Please be reminded that teachers may appeal their “teacher performance” rating within 10 working days of receiving the e-mail notification to check their evaluation results. In this case, teachers should not enter their eTPES -pin to confirm the evaluation results. See 2013-2014 Annual Evaluation Appeals Process for more details. While this appeals process only relates to the teacher performance rating that you received, we are fully aware that the state mandated student growth rating is also problematic for some teachers and would like to hear from you regarding specific discrepancies.  If you have additional questions or specific information to share, please contact Kendra Phelps, CFT Professional Issues Representative, at kphelps@cft-aft.org or 513-475-6042

SLO end of year update
TES Timeline Update
2013-2014 Annual Appeals Process

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Contract Action and Response Team on a great Membership Mobilization Campaign...Click the link to view a video of the year in review...

CFT/CFOP CART team a year in review

District Email - Just a reminder - every email that you send or receive on the district's network is kept on file as a public document for seven years. Please use caution whenever you send an email using GroupWise and never send an email that you would not want published on the front page of the paper. Evenif you delete and email, empty the trash; it is still on the server. Also, if you open your private email account using the district server the district can view your account while it is open.

CFT/CFOP T-shirts are available!
WEAR BLUE on Thursdays...get your CFT/CFOP T-shirt for $12.00 (and up for larger sizes)....Contact your Building Representative or the CFT Office at 513-961-2272 if you are interested.

C.O.P.E Means Clout!...and a nice sweatshirt!

Make a voluntary deduction of $3.00/paycheck and receive a CFT/CFOP Sweatshirt.

Why should I join C.O.P.E? Click here to read all the reasons to donate to our C.O.P.E fund!

Have questions you need answered?...Need to speak with a Field Representative... Click below or on the link to read about Help Night (pdf)!

Personal Email Addresses - If you change your personal email address, please don't forget to notify the CFT/ACPSOP office. Click here to send new address.

SLO FAQ's - Please click here to view the newly developed Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Student Learning Objectives (SLO). SLO's are due to evaluating administrators by November 8th 2013. If you have any additional questions or concerns with the completion or submission of your SLO, please email Winona Oliver (oliverw@cps-k12.org) or Mary Auer (auermar@cps-k12.org), who are SLO trainers for CPS.

REMINDER TO ALL SUBSTITUTES (Daily & Long Term) - All substitutes return to "Fair Share" status at the end of every school year. If you are classified as a substitute (daily or long term) with the Board of Education, you must fill our a green membership card every school year to return to full member status. Contact the CFT/CFOP Office at 513-961-2272 or email cft@cft-aft.org for a membership card.

It's time to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education through the "Principles that Unite Us".

Our public schools represent our nations's commitment to helping all children dream their dreams and achieve them. A high-quality public education for all children is an economic necessity, an anchor of democracy, a moral iperative and a fundamental civil right, without which none of our other rights can be fully realized.

Click here to read the "Principles that Unite Us".


























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