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STRS April 2012 Board News - View the eboard news via the STRS website here or view .pdf version here

STRS Change Will Put Health Care Out of Reach for Many RetireeIn December, the State Teachers Retirement Board adopted a set of long‐term goals to insure the solvency of the STRS Health Care program. Unfortunately, this change could make it too costly for most retirees to access health care through STRS until age 60. By 2016, the premium subsidy will be eliminated until a retiree comes within five year of Medicare eligibility which is currently age 65. Under current Medicare eligibility, health care premiums will be unsubsidized until the retiree is age 60.

This could cause a tremendous problem for retirees who are not yet within five years of Medicare eligibility. Click here for more detailed information.

STRS Board Meeting Notes - December 2011
STRS Board Meeting Notes - November 2011
STRS Board Meeting Notes - October 2011
STRS Board Meeting Notes - September 2011
STRS Board Meeting Notes - August 2011
STRS Board Meeting Notes - June 2011

Click Here for earlier STRS Board Meeting updates

April 18, 2011 - HB202, Rep. Richard Hollington introduced a bill that includes provisions dealing with re-employed public employees. Basically, it would require anyone who is receiving retirement benefits from one of the Ohio systems to forfeit $1 of their retirement benefit for each $2 earned above the annual threshold amount of $14,160. Read more...

URGENT - STRS Retirement Information - These are unprecedented times and they call for aggressive actions on the part of all of us.  If you haven’t heard the latest proposals that will wipe out up to 25% of your total pension value you need to pay close attention NOW! URGENT Flyer - Click here

HB69 STATE RETIREMENT SYSTEMS - House Health & Aging Retirement & Pensions subcommittee -HB30 School Funding & SB81 Teach for America - summary report March 9, 2011

"Teachers pension system scales back belt tightening" the article in the Columbus Dispatch regarding STRS.

STRS Adopts Revisions to pension plan (from Newsliner)- click here to read

SERS Update -link to notes from November Board meeting

STRS Update - link to notes from November Board Meeting

STRS Adopts Revisions to Pension Reform Plan - November 2010 - Portions of this article appear in the November 30 edition of the CFT Newsliner. To read the full article with graphs, click here.

Columbus Dispatch article dated November 18, 2010 entitled "Teachers Pension System Scales Back Belt Tightening"...New plan reduces impact on the soon-to-retire.

OFT State Leaders Conference - Ohio Federation of Teachers held it's annual State Leaders Conference on October 1-2, 2010. Mary Ann Cervantes and Jeff Chapman presented reports to the OFT Executive Board on STRS and SERS. STRS report (2 pg pdf) - SERS report (1 pg pdf)

STRS Board Meeting 9.16.10 - Bob Buerkle (former CFT/ACPSOP Retirement Chair) presented this speech to the board.

The STRS Ohio Plan to Strenthen the Financial Condition of the Retirement System - 2 page pdf

Report of STRS Board of Directors Meeting, November 2009 -
2 page pdf

Pension Attacks by Media including article in December edition of Ohio Teacher - 2 page pdf

HPA Straw Proposal: STRS Pension Benefit Changes

Comparative Summary of Proposed Funding Plans - click here to see chart

Law Makers Mull Far-Reaching Retirement System Changes; Legislative Action Expected....Read article posted 9-16-09

STRS Board Adopts Plan - Wednesday, September 2, 2009........... At its special meeting on September 1, 2009, the STRS Board unanimously adopted a plan to reduce the unfunded liability in the system and keep 1% of the funds going to health care.... Click here to read the rest of the announcement.

Recent recommendations to change pension plan... click here to view the pdf

Letter from Sue Taylor, President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers regarding the recent recommendation for changes to STRS pension plan. Click to read

If you have questions about retirement click here for our retirement committee page or contact the Retirement Chair: Gwen Parham at




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